Book 102: Whispers of the Night

Book 101: To Rescue a Rogue

Books 99-100: Maus, A Survivor's Tale (Vols. I & II)


Anyone home?

Book 98: On Truth

Book 97: Night

Book 96: What to Wear to a Seduction

Book 95: No Bride But His

Make up your mind!


Picture Book

Book 94: The Man She'll Marry

When you wish...

Picture Book

Picture Book

Book 93: Little Girl Found

Picture Book

Book 92: Just for Christmas

On the Job #3

New Feature!: Picture Book

Book 91: The Sheik's Secret Bride

Book 90: Love Slave

Book 89: Come Back to Me

Book 88: Light My Fire

Book 87: Reflections in the Nile

Book 86: Fantasy Lover

Book 85: Blaze of Glory

Book 84: Tender is the Knight

Book 83: Magic Study

Book 82: Hard Evidence

Book 81: The Untamed Heiress

Book 80: The Panther & The Pyramid