Picture Book

My roommate, Kristy, gave me this book journal for my birthday this summer. A few months later, my father gave me the exact same journal as a "just because" gift. I use it to keep track of books I want to buy and/or check-out from the library. I also use it to know which books I have borrowed from where. Two sections of the book are already devoted to this purpose. The middle section is for keeping quotes and such. I doubt I will follow that little bit, because I have this here online journal for such purposes. Instead, I'll probably use that middle section to continue to list what books I want.

The very last part of the book is a folder section. I have an index card there listing what books I have already read, and want to own as First Edition hardcovers. I also keep a ruler back there in order to cross out the books I buy or return to their original owner. No one ever said a neat freak, book lover didn't like lists.

The book is the perfect size to fit in even my smallest purse. Thus, when I know I will be out and about (around a bookstore or a library), I make sure to have this little sucker handy. The one downside, this analog format does not necessarily translate that easily to the digital "Wants" list I have on my computer. I also made an attempt at one time to have a coding system so I knew where to pick-up the books, but I found that to be to cluttered and difficult to read. Another downside is that I can't readily alphabetize this journal, so I spend an obscene amount of time going page by page, trying to cross out a book I know is on my list.