Book 90: Love Slave

TITLE: Love Slave
AUTHOR: Mallory Rush
STARTED: November 28, 2006
FINISHED: November 29, 2006
PAGES: 221
GENRE: Romance

FIRST SENTENCE: "Time to say goodbye to your sister, Joshua."

[From the back of the book] The world believed the white slave trade was a relic of the past, but Rand Slick new better. And he had very personal reasons to infiltrate that dark business. But not even a man of his wealth and power could enter the slave baazar without help - the help of a very special woman.

Being auctioned off as a millionaire's plaything was the most dangerous assignment of private detective Rachael Tinsdale's career. But perhaps her shadowy client was the true danger. Night after night, she ached to share his secrets - and show him the joys to be found in the arms of a woman who was no man's slave.

REASON FOR READING: Trying to hit 100 and this one was short.

THOUGHTS: Note to self: Don't fall in love with man who plays crazy mind games.

I have no idea what Rachael Saw in Rand. First, his name is Rand Slick. Slick! He got to pick his own name and he picks Slick! Run away Rachael, run fast. Secondly, the first thing he does when he meets her is play a mind game with her. I'm sorry, I don't care how hot you are, if the first thing you do when we meet is pretend to be a thug, I'm gonna knee you where it counts. From there all Rand/Timmy boy (or whatever his real name is) does is play mind games with Rachael. I like you. I'll kiss you into submission. But I don't really want you. But maybe I don't. I'm not gonna tell you. Please play a white concubine for me. Woman! No, I love you. But I'm not good enough. Marry me! I played dirty to get my money. I'm saving my sister. Yada yada yada.

The writing was all over the place. While there was an overarching attempt at a broader plot, it never really came together. Really, I think the author was just trying to be kinky with the whole white slave trade thing, and it never really worked.

The book was convoluted, rushed, and just plain bad.


RATING: 3/10 [Poor, Lost Interest]

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