Hello, everyone. I am the labeler. I am the bane of Meghan's existence... or at least my predecessors were. They wouldn't print, or would print awkwardly - with smears everywhere. Once she was able to fix the smears, something on the computer would break. Then, once the computer was fixed, the labeler would break again. The first three months of her job were spent fighting with the labeler.

I, on the other hand, am a much better labeler. Aside from the weird installation of my resin roll, I work quite effectively. I do not smear. I do not have evil plastic cover strip. Best of all, my labels don't need to be ironed onto the books.

Then again, I don't like to stick to certain types of binding cloth. Oh well, you can't be perfect.

Besides, if the Library of Congress uses me, I should be darn good enough for a university library.