Book 88: Light My Fire

TITLE: Light My Fire
AUTHOR: Katie MacAlister
STARTED: November 23, 2006
FINISHED: November 25, 2006
PAGES: 352
GENRE: Romance

FIRST SENTENCE: "Just leave everything to me."

SUMMARY: [From] Aisling Grey is juggling being a demon lord, a Guardian, and a wyvern's mate, even though she's keeping her distance from said wyvern, Drake, these days. But her presence is still required at a meeting of the green dragons. Since several attempts have been made on her life, Drake is sure to get protective of her. Which might not be a bad thing when war breaks out and all hell breaks loose-literally.


THOUGHTS: I think McAlister is slipping into her whiny heroine writing again. I remember Aisling being a tough, take no prisoners kind of gal. Now, I think she's mainly whiny, incompetent, and generally annoying. Seriously, why does Drake stay with her? She's more trouble than she's worth. Now she's barging into demon prince lairs, banishing them, and causing rifts between dragon septs.

I think I'm still reading this series because I want to see how much more McAlister piles onto this character: guardian, wyvern's mate, demon lord, prince of Abaddon, what next?. But, sadly, I am no longer enjoying this series like I used to.

MISCELLANEOUS: Be kind to dragons. For thou art crispy when roasted and taste good with ketchup.

KEEP/SHARE/CRINGE(?): I'll hang onto it, only because it's a part of a series. But if the series goes further down hill from here, say goodbye.
RATING: 5/10 [I didn't particularly like it or dislike it; mixed review]

CR: Come Back to Me by Josie Litton
RN: Love Slave by Mallory Rush


Chantal said…
I like this series. The next Aisling Grey book is out in a few months. Can't wait!
Meghan said…
I am really excited too!