Hmmm... tis a possibility

Book 89: Black Dogs

Book 88: Outlaw Hearts

Book 87: Noble Intentions

Book 86: All the Tea in China

Book 85: Catching Fire

Book 84: Dear Jane Austen

Book 83: The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount

Book 82: Looking for Information

Book 81: The Lost Symbol

Book 80: The Giving Tree

Book 79: Enigma

Book 78: Immoveable Feast: A Paris Christmas

Book 77: Hunger Games

Book 76: No Man's Mistress

Book 75: The Namesake

Book 74: A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge

Book 73: The Virgin's Lover


Book 72: The Ordinary Princess

Book 71: French Women Don't Get Fat

Book 70: If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

Book 69: A Countess Below Stairs

Book 68: American Widow

Book 67: A Great and Terrible Beauty

Book 66: The Arrival

Book 65: 1602

Book 64: Seven Ages of Paris

Second Edition?

Book 63: Nectar

Variations on a Theme: Cupcakes

Digression from the Usual: A Syllogism

Reading to Write

Book 62: Ella Enchanted

Book 61: The Perils of Pursuing a Prince

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