How it should be

Book 58: Developing Library and Information Center Collections

Book 57: The Tale of Despereaux

Seen on the Metro: Winter White

Book 56: The Children of Men

Book 55: Seducing Mr. Darcy

Book 54: The Bell Jar

Useful Things: Veteran's History Project

Libraries: They Do Exist


Book 53: The Diplomat's Wife

Tease No More!

Tease 6

Book 52: Shadows on the Aegean

All Aboard

Tease 5

Useful Things: Word Spy

Tease 4

Book 51: Shooting War

Book 50: Anne of the Island

Political Reading

Tease 3

Tease 2

Banned Books Week

Tease 1

Book 49: Inverloch

Book 48: The Gilded Chamber

I love patrons

Useful Things: Who's Alive and Who's Dead

Patron of the Moment: Straw Hat Man

Dramatic Reading

Book 47: His Wicked Kiss

Useful Things: RefDesk

Book 46: The Velveteen Rabbit

Book 45: Gardener to the King

LOLBooks: Nom This

Book 44: Reading Lolita in Tehran

Book 43: Naked

Book 42: Fundamentals of Library Supervision