Book 84: Tender is the Knight

TITLE: Tender is the Knight
AUTHOR: Jackie Ivie
STARTED: November 13, 2006
FINISHED: November 15, 2006
PAGES: 350
GENRE: Romance

FIRST SENTENCE: There really was such a thing as one secret to many.

SUMMARY: [From the back of the book] Sweeping from the cultured salons of 19th-century London to the wild Scottish Highlands, Jackie Ivie's seductive new novel weaves the tale of a desperate lady and a ruthless laird whose only common ground is the territory of desire....

Beautiful and elegant, Elise, the Duchess of Wynd, has survived among the nobility by carefully cultivating a facade of cutting wit and heartlessness. Nothing ruffles her. And no man can break through her defenses....

A fierce Scottish warrior, Colin is the new Duke of MacGowan and - in polite circles - looked upon as no better than a barbarian. Nevertheless, he is a lord who brooks no defiance...and holds no rein on his pleasures....

Colin's very presence ties Elise's sharp-edged tongue: She is all too aware that he could be the answer to her prayers - or her worst nightmare. For Elise harbors secrets that could change the course of both their lives. But before she can reveal them, she must make the wild knight her own....


THOUGHTS: I haven't said this since I was in middle school, but "Gag me with a spoon."

This book was awful. After her first book, I thought Ivie could only go up. Boy was I wrong. Suffice it to say, this was not a good read. The plot was sloppy, and seemed to be filled with the need to cram every cliche humanly possible into one romance novel. The writing, while not horrendous, was disconnected and choppy. And, there was absolutely no chemistry or point, really, to the romance.

MISCELLANEOUS: The best part of the book was this:

Setup: Our heroine is kidnapped (obviously) and our large strapping Scot of a hero must come save her, even though he hates her (obviously). She's been taken by a rival clan of our hero (obviously), but they've thoughtfully allowed her to sleep wrapped up in her hero's plaid (obviously). Hero comes (obviously), knocks our bad guys out (obviously), and finds our heroine (again, obviously). Seeing her he states, and this is THE BEST part of the book, "Oh, good. They gift wrapped you."

KEEP/SHARE/CRINGE(?): To PBS before it's crapulousness infects the rest of my books.
RATING: 3/10 [Poor, Lost Interest]

CR: Blaze of Glory by Catherine Mann
RN: Probably another romance novel, because Jennifer wants me to get to 100 more than I do.


Anonymous said…
so why did you like her first book?
Meghan said…
I think the best way to answer that would be to send you to my previous entry for Lady of the Knight.