Book 94: The Man She'll Marry

TITLE: The Man She'll Marry
AUTHOR: Ann Roth
STARTED: December 6, 2006
FINISHED: December 10, 2006
PAGES: 248
GENRE: Romance

FIRST SENTENCE:Cinnamon Smith slowed her rented sedan to a crawl and peered through the windshield.

SUMMARY: [From the back of the book] After a painful breakup and the loss of her job, Cinnamon Smith feels there's only one place she can go - her best friend Fran's bed-and-breakfast in the small town of Cranberry, Oregon. The first person she meets on her arrival is Nick Mahoney, Fran's handyman. Cinnamon's attraction to Nick is immediate, and the feeling is definitely mutual.

But Cinnamon has spent years working toward a certain kind of life, a life she can't have with Nick. Spending time in Cranberry, and with him, is beginning to change all that. Then she gets a job offer that would put her career goals back on track... Which means Cinnamon has to choose between the life she's always wanted and the love that's right in front of her.

REASON FOR READING: Must. get. through. Harlequins.

THOUGHTS: I'm getting really sick of reading and reviewing Harlequins. They just seem so insubstantial and flat. Come the new year, I am going to gorge myself on anything but romances in general and Harlequins in particular.

Nick and Cinnamon do indeed have a great romance and story, but it just wraps up way to nicely. Complete with the little bow of "Marry me?" And the big secret of Nick's dyslexia, not much of a sticking point at all. I really wish the whole drama surrounding the pair would have been Cinnamon's desire to marry a certain kind of man - the kind of man that is the opposite of Nick. She wants wealthy, upward leaning, highly educated, MBA, yada yada yada. Instead, she gets Nick the handyman. That whole scenario was more interesting than the whole, "I have dyslexia and reading is hard."

Roth clearly has a talent for both characters and plot, I only wish she had more pages in which to express herself.

MISCELLANEOUS: Seriously, Cinnamon. Please refer to my friend Jennifer's blog. My thoughts on this are in accord with hers.

RATING: 4/10 [An "okay" book, but I don't recommend it]