Book 95: No Bride But His

TITLE: No Bride But His
AUTHOR: Carly Bishop
STARTED: December 6, 2006
FINISHED: December 11, 2006
PAGES: 249
GENRE: Romance

FIRST SENTENCE: CNBC Special Report, correspondent from the scene, Superior Court of King County: ....

SUMMARY: [From] Undercover agent, J.D. Thorne is getting closer to uncovering the TruthSayers operation, which is full of dirty cops and dirty city officials. After J.D. talks with an old friend who is also a local judge, an attempt is made on his life.

Detective Ann Calder left her home and the battered women's and children's shelter she created to save J.D. from certain death. Ann knows someone is trying to kill J.D., but who?

Ann took him the only place she knew she could keep him safe. He needed time to heal. Home. In Cold Springs, Montana, the religious community where she was raised.

Annie Tschetter, as she was known, had left the community when she was young and she was not exactly welcomed back when she arrived with J.D. in tow. They tried to send her away finally Ann told Timothy, her brother, that J.D was her husband and he then let her stay but she had to follow the rules.

Ann has made a promise to herself when she left the community that she would never fall in love because then you cannot be free. No matter how hard Ann tries, she can't help the feelings that she has for J.D. and has had since the last case they were on together.

When J.D. is well enough he and Ann leave because he cannot put the kind people of the community at risk to save him. They would stop at nothing or no one to get him.


THOUGHTS: I have no idea what happened in this book. There was so some sort of vigilante group that was attacking our romantic pair. They were the bad guys working for good who were still bad. It made absolutely no sense. Somehow we arrive at a religious colony. Very weird. There was a SURPRISE! baby teenager.

I honestly am so confused by the plot of this book that my brain hurts.

Also, for a couple that was supposedly hot for each other since before the book started, there was absolutely no chemistry.

MISCELLANEOUS: No more Harlequins! Yippee!!!!!

RATING: 1/10 [Don't waste your time / Awful]