Book 85: Blaze of Glory

TITLE: Blaze of Glory
AUTHOR: Catherine Mann
STARTED: November 15, 2006
FINISHED: November18, 2006
PAGES: 378
GENRE: Romance

FIRST SENTENCE: "I don't think we should see each other anymore once we get back to the states."

SUMMARY: [From] Air Force captain Bobby "Postal" Ruznick wouldn't consider working a job that didn't occasionally scare him to death. But nothing gets under his skin like sexy profiler Dr. Grace Marie Lanier. Not that Dr. Uptight Lanier could tolerate his risk-taking ways when they'd struck sparks off one another on assignment a year ago. Now it looks as though the two of them are stuck with each other once again.

Being paired with Bobby's Special Ops crew sends Grace Marie's calm, collected existence into a tailspin. Not only does she have an assignment of utmost importance to complete . . . but she's got little recourse except to turn for help to the one man who threatens her orderly world the most -- Bobby.

Now with one week to stabilize a situation that could destroy the lives of countless others, Bobby and Grace Marie are about to learn that to save the world, they'll have to risk their hearts.

REASON FOR READING: Military things and romance, two topics I seem to gravitate to...

THOUGHTS: This book is a lesson in how not to write.... anything, let alone romance. I'm having a hard time understanding why this author is "award-winning." This book was completely horrendous. I almost can't describe how poor the writing and plot were. I should have put this book down after the first 5-pages, but my whole "you start it, you finish it" drive kicked in.

This book does not deserve a real review because, when it comes down to it, when you make your supposedly alpha male, military man, romance hero sound like a ditsy teen girl, you've completely missed the mark.

Also, for the love of all things written, never do I want my adult heroes to say "Oh my god!" (hair twirl) as often as these two do.

MISCELLANEOUS: The cover is green because the book is radioactive.

KEEP/SHARE/CRINGE(?): Back to PBS, but I don't encourage anyone to take it.
RATING: 1/10 [Don't waste your time / Awful]

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RN: Reflections in the Nile by J. Suzanne Frank