Anyone home?

It feels very odd to be in the library right now. Last week, it was insane. Finals week has a way of turning the library into a kind of intellectual night club. Not so much this week. I just went upstairs to get a cart of books from the reference room, and it was eerily silent. I mean, a library is supposed to be quiet, but this was just odd.

Over the last two weeks, I've really come to place certain faces in certain seats. People tend to grab the same place to study over and over again. I also felt quite guilty for bringing a squeaky cart into the reference room because the noise would jar people out of their bibliographic and paper writing stupors.

Today, there was nothing to worry about. There was one person in the reference room. Everyone else has gone home for the holidays.

Now we librarians get to deal with the carnage and fall out that comes at the end of the semester.

The book drops, they are scary.

The carts of books waiting to be shelved. Even scarier.