Banned Books Week

"The materials that are challenged and banned are the books that say something about the human condition." - Judith Krug of ALA in an interview with NPR

It's Banned Books Week. A week in which I revel in all the "naughty" books libraries continue to stock. I, like many others, think banning and challenging books shows the worst fears of society - namely, the fear that free thought will lead us all to ruin, despair, and ultimate doom. DOOM!


Books (and the free reading of them) are one of the best tools to spread understanding and tolerance. When a book is banned, that book does not disappear. In fact, the exact opposite happens. When you make something off limits, you make it a desired commodity.

So, please, you high-minded, holier-than-thou types, go ahead and ban my books. Every time you try I make a note to read it and tell all my friends about it.


Re BBW, see also for another view.