Useful Things: RefDesk

My father adores this website. He likes it so much it is his homepage. Since my dad is a librarian, I'm going to say that this website gets the Librarian Due Date Stamp of Approval.

Refdesk is a gateway website that brings together a lot of information in a central location. It has a column of various popular search engines, a column of rotating daily choices, and a column of current news and events.

The website has several helpful, up-front links including:
  • Calculator
  • Currency Calculator
  • Gasoline Prices
  • Crude Prices
Also up top are drop down menus for e-mail websites, quick links and webtools, and very helpful "Reference Desk" type websites.

Scrolling down the page you'll find nothing but links. These send you to everything from daily pictures to weather resources, stock quotes to facts-at-a-glance, help and advice to every link to any possible other resource you can think of. RefDesk is a gateway to all that valuable information you have to Google to find.

The website may discombobulate you at first, but once you learn your way around, you'll never think about where to go to find out what where you can get a list of elected officials again.

The layout of Refdesk is not the best (more 1998 than 2008), but the website puts a lot of information (or at least the access to it) right in front of your eyes.