Friday, September 22, 2017

The Friday Find: Wrapped in Austen

This is one gorgeous (and subtle) Pride and Prejudice scarf. This scarf would be so beautiful with so many outfits. I had not idea literature style could be so chic.

You can find this in the Book Riot Store.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Links and Stuff: September 21, 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Deciding on Vacation Reading?

What do you take to read on vacation?

This is always the hardest part of packing for me. Deciding on clothing, shoes, and toiletries is the easy part. Frankly, I'm the type who could live in the same jeans or dress for three days at a time. But what the heck do I bring with me to read? What book (or books) could possibly encompass all my reading needs whilst I am away? What book (or books) is long enough to get me through the entirety of my vacation? These are just some of the questions I ask myself when I'm packing up my bags.

It's a process we bookworms all go through and, boy, can it get messy.

Step 1: What is on my nightstand right now?
I, usually, only read one personal book at a time. This means there is only one book in progress on my nightstand. I always try to finish this book a day or two before I head out on vacation so that I can start fresh. If, however, that is not possible, the nightstand book is a candidate for vacation. To make the cut, my nightstand book has to be at least 350 pages long and less than 50% complete. If travelling by car, it can be any type of binding. If travelling by plane, I will only take a paperback.

If the book is long enough to get me through a short vacation, the nightstand book will be the only book I pack. If it's not long enough, we're on to the next phase.

Step 2: How much do I think I will read?
This is a complicated question. I will read while travelling by plane, but I never read when travelling in a car... unless I know I will be in the backseat the whole time. If I'm heading off to visit family or friends I will read much less than if I'm travelling solo or with The Husband.

The vacation destination plays a HUGE role as well. Week on the beach? I'm reading a lot. Foreign travel and/or seeing lots of sights and doing lots of things? My reading will be limited to the in-transit moments and nights.

I tend to read fiction while on vacation so I know I'll read that faster. But! I have been known to take non-fiction when travelling domestically. I try to estimate my page speed against how many days/hours I plan on reading my chosen material.

Once I have a general idea of how much time I think I'll have to read, I start thinking about mood.

Step 3: What will I be in the mood to read?
As a mood reader this one can be hard to predict. I have, however, learned over the years that I enjoy certain kinds of books with certain kinds of locations. Travelling to family basically means picking whatever looks good at the moment. Going to the beach? Give me all the door-stopper sized fiction please! When I head abroad, I tend to love books that feel like or relate to my destination.

Now that we have estimated pages read and the mood I'm in, we can start to pick out our titles.

Step 4: Grab all the books!
Yes. All of them. I rampage my shelves (and sometimes the library) grabbing titles I think will be a good fit for my timeline, activity level, and destination.

Sadly, I do not own a Mary Poppins bag so reality comes in to play.

Step 5: Reassess my options.
Okay, so I have this pile of books, and they clearly won't all fit in to my bag. What's a reader to do? Well, this reader likes to go for balance. I will pick one book I am reasonably sure meets all my needs and will last for the majority of my vacation. Then, I pick a back-up book. Sometimes I pick a third.

But that's it! (*tosses long-form magazine like The Atlantic on to pile for good measure*)

Step 6: Pack
This is my last chance to consider my options. My nightstand read or first book choice go in to my carry-on bag. The other books go in to the suitcase. Unless! My first choice is thin. Then the second choice book also goes in to the carry-on.

Step 7: Doubt
If there is any space at all left in my bag, I will consider adding another book. You know... just in case. I will then also wonder if bringing a library book is a good idea. Inevitably, I'll decide it's not and take any library books out of my bags. Then I find myself repeating Steps 4 through 6 all over again.

Step 8: Leave and wonder if I packed enough books which is an absurd question because I have never once run out of reading material. Not once. Ever.

The Husband and I are headed out on vacation on Saturday and I'll be bringing the first book Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan series with me. I will also bring the second book in the series as a back-up. But do I bring the third as well? Hmmm...

Of course, I could just use the old Nook reader we have lying around and load it up with many, many titles... but where's the fun in that? #teamdeadtreebooks

Monday, September 18, 2017

Book 20: Hand Lettering 101

TITLE: Hand Lettering 101: An Introduction to the Art of Creative Lettering
AUTHOR: Chalkfulloflove
STARTED: September 1, 2017
FINISHED: Septmeber 1 ,2017
PAGES: 112
GENRE: Handwriting

FIRST SENTENCE: My background is in graphic design and one of my favorite parts of design is typography or just "type"!

SUMMARY: [From BN] If you follow Chalkfulloflove (also known as Sarah!) on social media, you and thousands of others already know how adorable her hand-lettered creations are. With Hand Lettering 101, Sarah brings her fabulous Hand Lettering 101 workshop right to you with this beginner workbook! In this book, you will go over the basics on how to learn Sarah's fun style of faux calligraphy. This book will guide you through each letter of the lower case alphabet, go over her technique behind connecting letters, give tips on how to mix and match your fonts, and finally lead you to make six finished projects! This is an introduction, so no experience is needed! Since practice is key, this gold spiral bound workbook lays flat and provides tons of opportunities for practice! Chalkfulloflove was created to encourage, inspire and make you giggle, so just pour yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and settle in to start your own unique, adorable lettering creations!

THOUGHTS: This book is most definitely a 101. The lessons are incredibly basic and so is the information. That said, the contents are well-presented. The introductory and theory material are a good crash-course in hand lettering. The examples and lessons are straightforward and the examples are easy to follow. The spiral binding makes this book quite useful when it comes to practice. As a beginner in hand lettering, I look forward to referring to this book during my practice.

RATING: 7/10 [Very Good]

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What I Read This Week: September 17, 2017

You know what I want to do? I want to spend all day reading Hillary Clinton's new book. But I can't. First, I don't own it... yet. Second, real life gets in the way. Instead, I read far too many reviews and hot takes about the release and her book tour. At least I know what I'm tracking down after my vacation.

Of course, What Happened is just one book at the top of my reading list. I have so many titles that look just awesome and I can't wait to read them and gah all I want to do is read and read and read thank goodness readathon is coming soon so I have an excuse to read all day which is no excuse for this horror of a sentence but I'm so excited for reading who needs punctuation...

  • Work
    • College and Research Libraries News, September 2017 - This was a fantastic issue! It was all about community collaboration and internal collaboration. The whole issue seemed to argue that we need to say yes to more things and try to reach out to others. It was all about partnerships and I loved it. More please!
  • Magazines
    • Cooking Light, October 2017 - My love of fall issue food magazines continues. This edition was chock full of tasty looking recipes that are perfect for fall. I particularly loved all the recipes involving beans. The Husband and I are trying to eat less meat so I am on the lookout for any tasty look vegetarian meals. In addition to the good looking food, there was a great article about to eat more healthfully so you get nutrients while feeling fuller longer. 
  • Books
    • I think my quest to finish Feral before our vacation might be successful. I put a pretty big dent in the book this week. One way or another, I am finishing this book in the next five days.
  • Other

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Friday Find: Book Jockey

Fall is nearly here. I am dreaming of walks to the library with a scarf around my neck and warm beverage in my hand. The trees are rustling in the cool breeze and the leaves are falling around my feet. All I need to do is load up my bag with books and I'll be all set for a wonderful weekend of reading, football, and hygge. Yes. I want this. 

If you're with me, this bag might be right up your alley.

You can find this in the GalaxyPrint Etsy shop.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Why I Love... Bookstagram

It's a gray, dreary day in DC. It's the perfect kind of weather for comforting, indoor activities. Tonight, I think I shall spend a few minutes scrolling through Instagram. I love seeing all the pictures my friends take, but I also adore taking a look at the #bookstagram hashtag.

If you ever want to get your reading mojo back or just look at what other bookworms are posting, head over to Instagram and search #Bookstagram. Book lovers all over the world have taken pictures of their books and reading activities. This hashtag is full of great covers, delightful shelves, comfy nooks, and "aesthetics." I've been seriously impressed by the photography skills to be had in this hashtag. The lighting and staging of photos are simply wonderful.

#Bookstagram pictures are pretty to look at, but they're also a great way to see some titles you might otherwise miss. I've discovered some great book (particularly YA titles) when perusing this search. I've also found more than one bookstore or library I need to add to my places to visit list.

#Bookstagram is seriously one my favorite things to peruse when I have some moments. It's one of the good rabbit holes of the internet. Happy scrolling!