Sunday, September 14, 2014

What I Read This Week: September 14, 2014

Football! I got distracted.
  • Magazines 
    • Real Simple, September 2014 - This issue seemed thicker than normal. Is that just a thing that happens to magazines in the month of September? I enjoyed reading the article about the mother her comforted her daughter with mashed potatoes. I dare you to read those pages a not want a bowl of buttery mashed tubers. The article on how to achieve your goals was pretty straightforward but very useful. In well timed pieces, this issue had tips on how to buy rugs. We're still on the search for one to use in our bedroom. And, it seems that Real Simple will now include more articles on work and money. If this issue is any indication, I shall be learning a lot from these new pieces. Finally, the article on 20 minute meals had be stealing recipes left and right.
    • Food Network, October 2014 - I only pulled a few recipes from this issue but there were tons of tasty look apple recipes. This issue also included a section of cute Halloween pumpkin ideas.
  • Books
    • I should finish up The Man Who Found Time early this week. The book was a surprisingly good and quick read.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Friday FInd: Nostalgic Cute

I am posting this for the simple reason that it reminds me of my childhood. 

How cute is that! It's actually a pen drawing and you can purchase it on, where I find everything these days, Etsy.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Links and Stuff: September 11, 2014

Sunday, September 07, 2014

What I Read This Week: September 7, 2014

The Fiance is in Chicago for work, and I have been left to fend for myself. You know what that means? Clean all the things and eat all the vegetables! I have also, not gonna lie, watched far too much bad television. On the productive front, I managed to catch up on a large back log of blog reading and computer file organizing. I was woefully behind on formatting and filing all the things I've added to Evernote.
  • Magazines
    • Washingtonian, September 2014 - This was the first issue of Washingtonian I've read and I am glad I subscribed. The magazine appears to be part news, part local, part style, and part eats with a bonus crossword puzzle. While I skimmed the cover article on classes to take, I enjoyed the articles on Dad's getting flex time for families and the artistry of nipple tattoos for post-op breast cancer patients. Also, I now know of a number of food trucks I need to visit. 
  • Books
    • After the doorstopperness that was Written In My Own Heart's Blood, I need a completely different. I started Jack Repcheck's The Man Who Found Time. The book is about Scotsman James Hutton and his revolutionary idea that the earth was not 6,000 years old. So far it's quite good and easy to read.

Friday, September 05, 2014

The Friday Find: Analog

Courtesy of Lady B, we have a fun t-shirt for this week's Find. I think most bookworms can agree that we'll read anything, analog or digital, but sometimes dead tree books ahve their advantages.

This guy game from Shirt Woot.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Links and Stuff: September 4, 2014

From XKCD:

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Why I Love... Teaching

The new semester has begun, and that means I get to teach again. While preparing for some of these classes can be time consuming, I absolutely love teaching students in library/research instruction. I get to share with them tools and resources that will help them succeed. One of my favorite moments in these classes and when I see students, wide-eyed with awe when I show them a new tool that is perfect for them. (Usually RefWorks and the embedded citation tool it comes with does the trick.)

What I think I love best about teaching, however, is the fact that it causes me to research new things. Every class is different, so I have to prepare anew for each one. I have found so many books and resources from these classes that I am constantly amazed. More than once I have added a book to my TBR list because a class caused it to come across my path.

This job does have it's rewards.