Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why I Love... Taking a Break

The last (!) book on my library waiting list is currently available for me to pick-up. After I finish reading it, I plan on taking a break on reading books for a bit. Normally, I always have one (sometimes two) books going at a time. But, I'm taking a break. I have not lost my reading groove but, instead, I'm taking a break from books sometimes to deal with other things on my nightstand.

In this case, I have an epic pile of magazines I want to read. As you know from my What I Read This Week series, I subscribe to several magazine titles. Most of these I can get through the week they arrive, but some titles (namely, The Atlantic, National Geographic, and Washingtonian) I like to read cover-to-cover. The article are great but they are also long, so it's hard to concentrate on the stories unless I devote my full attention to them. The pile has been growing steadily for months and I've decided, instead of feeling like this is hanging over my while I read my books, I'm going to swap my book reading for magazine reading.

The best thing about reading books is that they will always be there. This pause is not forever and, when I pick up my next back, I can fall right back into my habits without feeling like I have something else hanging over me. 

YouTube Tuesday: Big Time Scanning

Sunday, May 21, 2017

What I Read This Week: May 21, 2017

I really need to catch up on my magazine backlog. It's been easy to keep up with the casual, picture-filled titles, but I have at least a three month backlog of Washingtonian and Real Simple. Methinks I need to focus on reading those as soon as I've finished with my library books...

  • Magazines
    • Food Network, June 2017 - The summer issues are such teases. So many things to grill and we have not an outdoor grill to have. A grill pan just isn't the same. (C'est la vie.) The bulk of this issue was summer food but I really liked the piece on lemonade stand stuff. It was just a really cute idea. The potato salads were also tasty looking. I <3 li="" nbsp="" potatoes.="">
    • Cooking Light, May 2017 - This issue was all about vegetables. That means it was right up my alley. The Husband and I try to eat vegetarian at least one day a week, and I keep adding meals to our rotation that means we eat vegetarian even more than that. Veggies are just super tasty! I saved several recipes in this issue to give a whirl in the future. I
      particularly liked the recipes in the pizza and Mexican vegetarian sections of this issue. I also loved the story of the son recounting his mother's rhubarb-apple crisp. It might have made me sniffle a bit. Finally, I thought the tips in the "how to waste less produce" article were very doable. I'm going to try to put a few to use in my life.
    • National Geographic, May 2017 - This issue's cover story focused on genius - what it is and why we call some people geniuses (white men) and not others (cause we're biased). It delved into the science which was really interesting but also explored the nurture side of things. I was also stunned by the article on the conflicts in the Central African Republic. I had
      zero clue that was happening. I thought the article on Scotland's moors was a new take on rewilding. Finally, the article on Akhetaten fed my love of all things ancient Egypt.
  • Books
    • I'm about a third of the way through Dear Data. I thought this would be a fast read since it's mainly images of postcards, but the data is dense and really interesting to dive into.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Friday Find: Rock Out!

For some reason, I really wanted to post a rocking chair this week. It took me a lot of searching before I finally found a rocking chair that screamed, "You want to read in me!"

You can find this lovely thing at Pottery Barn Kids (in other colors too!).

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Links and Stuff: May 18, 2017

From All You Need is a Wall

Sunday, May 14, 2017

What I Read This Week: May 14, 2017

My hockey team lost in Game 7. It rained a lot at the end of the week and I got soaked. Work was kind of crazy. One of my favorite coworkers is leaving. Can I hibernate for a few hours?

That said, it wasn't all bad this week. I got to try some new recipes (I even made buttermilk rolls from scratch) and they were fairly tasty. Another book I placed on hold at the library came in. The Husband and I successfully adulted with all of our errands. And... I get to call my mommy today. That's always a good thing.

It's all about balance.

  • Magazines
    • The Atlantic, May 2017 - The cover story of this issue was fine. It was an interesting read, but I thought the associated story on how smugness might have fueled trump's rise was far more important. Additionally, I thought the article on how online shopping is bringing back pricing wars might be worth exploring further. Finally, the article on how incentives are tricking people into saving money introduced me to something I had never seen before.
  • Books
    • I finished The Truth About Alice in the middle of the week. I love how fast young adult books seem to go. 
    • On Friday, my most recent library hold Dear Data came in. I'm only a few pages in, but I kind of love this book already.
  • Other
    • Buzzfeed posted a great read on what it's like to trek to the Everest base camp. The article doesn't idealize the hike, it shows the harsh (and often gross) reality of what it's like to be at altitude. This piece is not for the squeamish. 
    • It's Mother's Day, so I definitely have to recommend this NYT article on mother's before they became moms.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Book 8: 365: No Repeats

TITLE: 365: No Repeats - A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners
AUTHOR: Rachael Ray
STARTED: April 29, 2017
FINISHED: April 29, 2017
PAGES: 326
GENRE: Cookbook

FIRST SENTENCE: I don't know what my total lifetime limit is for new recipes, but 365 is definitely this cook's limit for one book.

SUMMARY: [From BN]  Even your favorite dinner can lose its appeal when it’s in constant rotation, so mix it up! With her largest collection of recipes yet, Food Network’s indefatigable cook Rachael Ray guarantees you’ll be able to put something fresh and exciting on your dinner table every night for a full year... without a single repeat! Based on the original 30-Minute Meal cooking classes that started it all, these recipes prove that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every night. Rachael offers dozens of recipes that, once mastered, can become entirely new dishes with just a few ingredient swaps. Learn how to make a Southwestern Pasta Bake and you’ll be able to make a Smoky Chipotle Chili Con Queso Mac the next time. Try your hand at Spring Chicken with Leeks and Peas and you’re all set to turn out a rib-sticking Rice and Chicken Stoup that looks and tastes like an entirely different dish. As a best-selling cookbook author and host of three top-rated Food Network shows, Rachael Ray believes that both cooking and eating should be fun. Drawing from her own favorite dishes as well as those of her family, friends, and celebrities, she covers the flavor spectrum from Asian to Italian and dozens of delicious stops in between. Best of all, these flavor-packed dishes will satisfy your every craving and renew your taste for cooking. With so many delicious entrees to choose from you’ll never have an excuse for being in a cooking rut again.

THOUGHTS: I did not like this cookbook all that much and it was mainly due to formatting. The colors used in the text were glaring. They were hard to read and just looked awkward. And the text itself, there was a lot of it. I prefer my cookbooks to have a few more pictures. Not everything needs a picture, but I need more than all the text I got.

As for the recipes themselves, if I'm being honest, they didn't really grab me. I can't tell you why. Maybe I couldn't get past the formatting, but nothing in this book jumped out and said, "Make me!"

RATING: 5/10 [meh]

The Friday Find: Traveler Bag

I've been a National Geographic subscriber for several years. I love the magazine, but I also love their shopping catalog. It's always full of things that make me want to travel the world. This week's find is one of their tote bags. It's designed for photographers, but doesn't look perfect for a library trip as well?

You can find this online at the National Geographic store.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Links and Stuff: May 11, 2017