What I Read This Week: August 11, 2019

I've hit that point in my maternity leave prep where I have finished everything that has to get done. Should The Kid show up today, all my critical projects are either done or handed off. This really eases my mind. Now I can just work on things that have no deadlines. It's kind of nice to know that I can focus on long-term projects and professional reading. Plus, this week, we're entering interim hours. This means the library will be even quieter than normal. I'm glad the timing has worked out like this.
  • Work
    • I'm trying not to start any new projects at work that can't wait for my return from maternity leave. So, I'm doing a bit more professional reading than normal. This week, I started working on a book titled Training Library Staff and Volunteers to Provide Extraordinary Customer Service. So far, nothing ground-breaking, but there are always good lessons to be had when you're trying to make customer service a bigger thing in your organization.
  • Magazines
    • Real Simple, July 2019 - I debated saving all of my magazine backlog for when I'm in labor... but the backlog is so large I figured reading a few issues wouldn't hurt. Besides, who knows if I'll actually be able to read while hee hee hooing. Anyway, this issue was just okay. I liked the article about buying furniture secondhand. It not only gave places you can search but also offered techniques for finding the best stuff (and scoring some great deals). The back third of the magazine was devoted to food and throwing parties. I'm always a fan of learning how to make get-togethers more enjoyable.
    • Real Simple, August 2019 - This was another meh issue. There were only two articles I really cared about. The first was on the healthy habits you don't really have to worry about. (Go ahead and have that diet soda.) The second was on how to prepare to have a relaxing vacation. It listed some good tips for preparing ahead of time so you don't feel like you're neglecting the office.
  • Books
    • I'm making pretty good progress in Tower of Dawn. I'm far enough in that I no longer miss the fact that I am not in this series' main plot-line. Maas is a good enough storyteller that I want to see what's happening with these characters.