Book 32: The Library Outreach Casebook

Title: The Library Outreach Casebook
Author: Ryan L. Sittler and Terra J. Rogerson (editors)
Started: July 26, 2019
Finished: August 2, 2019
Pages: 201
Genre: Library Science

First Sentence: [From the Introduction] Outreach is tough.

Summary: [From ALA Store] Library outreach can be tough: There’s no standard definition of outreach among libraries, and what it consists of differs from institution to institution. Some libraries focus on marketing and advertising services, while others concentrate on relationship building with their constituents. Some focus on fun events to coax people into their facility. The cases in The Library Outreach Casebook provide creative and reproducible formats, ideas, and inspirations, from engaging social media to hosting performances to creating exhibits. Expert chapter authors take you from the beginning steps—determining which tools and resources you need for your outreach efforts—all the way through implementation of a variety of outreach initiatives, and every step in-between. Divided into three sections—Starting Strategies, Programming and Event Planning, and Outreach to Select Populations—this casebook is designed for librarians working in all types of libraries to use as a tool to start or further their current outreach efforts. The Library Outreach Casebook provides readers with many different approaches, formats, and solutions that lead to successful outreach.

Thoughts: I wanted to love this book, but it was just so so. What I most enjoyed about the text is that it walked through a ton of concrete examples of outreach activities and ideas. There were a few that I flagged to try in my own library. What I didn't like was that every chapter was forced to use the same format. The headings and subheadings were the same in every chapter which forced some of the authors into awkward writing and descriptions. Also, this book needed some copy-editing. There were some obvious typesetting and grammar errors that made this book feel rushed. Even with the errors, if you're an outreach librarian team of one, this book is worth at least a perusal.

Rating: 5/10 [Meh]