Friday, August 30, 2013

BOOLEAN: Friday Fashion Find - Kickoff

Notre Dame Football starts tomorrow. WOOOOOOOOO!

To honor the arrival of my favorite sport to watch, you get these awesome nails.

*Hat tip to Lady B for finding these.

This marks the end of nail polish on Friday Fashion find. Next week we welcome the return of tights... for soon tight season shall be upon us.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

What I Read This Week: August 25, 2013

We started moving one of our campus libraries this week. While I wasn't doing the actual moving of the books, I was tasked to oversee the load up process. That put me out of commission for most of the week. On top of that, The Fiance was on a business trip all week. It was the first time we've been apart for over a year. *Shniffle* To both recover from work and distract myself from missing my man, I should have read a lot. The key word there is should. But did I... no. I just watched a bunch of television. My couch and I are in a serious relationship now. So comfy!

But all was not entirely lost; I did read a few things:

  • National Geographic, September 2013 - I liked the cover piece on rising seas. It provided a very well rounded look at what might happen should all the ice melt. The article on cassowaries was a pretty darn adorable read as well.
  • I filled through the September/October 2013 issue of American Libraries. This was the digital issue that focused mainly on library design. I like pretty pictures.
  • I finished my professional reading book, Social Media for Academics, during my commutes. It was more informative than I expected. 
  • Finally, I finished Twilight in Babylon. I plowed through this book as fast as I could because I've just picked up a book from the library that I am far more interested in, Reached by Ally Condie. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

BOOLEAN: Friday Fashion Find - Melon

Summer is almost over. Sad face. That does mean, however, that football season is nearby. Huzzah. Before open-toed shoe season ends, the girls and I decided to get one last pedicure.

Clockwise from Top: Lady B went with a grayish lilac, I went with a slate gray, and Lady C went with a pinky-coral color which, happy accident, matched her sandals. Lady K also joined, but I forgot to take a picture while we were all together.

As for your Friday Fashion Find, please enjoy this nail polish color that reminds of me melon. Noms.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Links and Stuff: August 22, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why I Love... Bad Books

Okay, this might be a strange one, but I actually like reading bad books. Earlier this summer, I actually sought out a book because I was in the mood for something horrible.

Bad books can be entertaining despite their content. The writing could be atrocious, the plotting could be horrendous, and the characters could make you want to spit nails - but all together, a bad book can be a good read. Bad books remind me of my love of "So bad their good" movies. Sometimes, you're just in the mood for something that entertains because it's not the best thing ever.

Aside from the entertainment value, bad books are subjective. Each reader has their own likes and dislikes. Bad books allow you to develop a better understanding of what you do and don't like to read. When you discover something you can't stand, you know to avoid it. Or, better yet, when you discover something that's just "meh" you learn to tweak your reading to find just the right book for you.

Not every book can be a gem. If all books were the same quality, I don't think reading would be as fun. It's the diversity that makes reading such an adventure. Besides, it's in reading the bad books that we learn what the truly good books are.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

What I Read This Week: August 18, 2013

Is summer officially over? The weather has been absolutely glorious. The cool temperatures and hints of fall have me craving cider and reading on the patio. I think soon it shall be so. Huzzah!
  • Work
    • I've been working on a book for work called Social Media for Academics. It's all about how professors can use social media in their classes and professional work. So far, I've been introduced to a few new ideas - but most of the stuff just offers a general introduction.
  • Magazines
    • Real Simple, August 2013 - I greatly enjoyed the editorial piece on living long and prospering while doing so. I also loved the food in this issue. Noms.
    • Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2013 - I liked quite a few of the dress pictures, but more like an "Ooo, that's pretty" not an "Ooo, I want that." I also found the ideas from the experts article to be pretty helpful. I pulled out the pages that listed resources for DIYing stuff. 
    • The Knot - DC, Maryland, and Virginia, Spring/Summer 2013 - I think I may have found my useful magazine, because this was awesome! It was so awesome, I tossed it over to The Fiance to read. I loved the brides guide to everything. I also found all the tips
      and tricks to be very informative.
  • Books
    • I'm still reading Twilight in Babylon, it's "okay." I think I might try to power through it this week while The Fiance is on a business trip. I just picked up the last book in the Ally Condie Matched series, and I am really looking forward to seeing how things wrap up. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Book 17: A Woman of Virtue

TITLE: A Woman of Virtue
AUTHOR: Liz Carlyle
STARTED: June 18, 2013
FINISHED: July 11, 2013
PAGES: 448
GENRE: Romance

FIRST SENTENCE: Lord Delacourt thought he'd finally found her.

SUMMARY: [From] In the lonely months since her husband's death, Cecilia Lorimer has hidden her emptiness by devoting herself to a charity mission for the unfortunate women of London's slums. But when the dashing Lord Delacourt takes control, she feels an uncharacteristic urge to flee. Just six years earlier, Delacourt had proven himself to be the immoral rake society called him, nearly ruining her reputation in the bargain. It's whispered that the womanizing Delacourt is vain, vindictive, and merciless. But he's a man who honors his wagers — and one result lands him in his brother-in-law's godforsaken mission, face-to-face with the woman who has long haunted his dreams. When treachery closes in, only he knows how to guard Cecilia from the consequences of her own principles. Can a profligate knave persuade a virtuous woman that he is worthy of her trust — and her love?

THOUGHTS: Eh. I really wasn't in the mood for this kind of romance novel. It wasn't a bad book, but I just cared so little that I didn't develop an opinion either way. Carlyle is a decent romance author, but in this case there was a lot of, "It's not you - it's me." C'est la vie.

RATING: 4/10 [An "okay" book]

BOOLEAN: Friday Fashion Find - Pre-Fall

Fall? Is that you?

DC has been insanely lovely the week. The weather has been more like fall than summer. I am okay with this as fall is my favorite season. When it comes to polish colors, I believe that purple is a nice transition hue for the seasons.

This is OPI's Do You Lilac It.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Links and Stuff: August 15, 2013

My favorite link of the week has to go to NPR's look at librarians in leading roles. Swoon.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What I Read This Week: August 11, 2013

The Fiance and I both got Fitbit flexes this week. It's making me want to walk all the things! Which is, I gather, the whole point. That means more reading on the elliptical and bike. Between that and spending some quality time at the pool flipping through bridal mags with Lady C, I had a banner week in reading. Go me!
  • Work
    • American Libraries, July/August 2013 - This issue was a digital supplement that mainly served as a recap of the ALA annual conference. Meh.
    • I read a rather interesting article by Gillian S. Gremmels titled "Staffing Trends in College and University Libraries." It's interesting to see how libraries are changing their staff structure to meet the new demands of our work.
  • Magazines
    • For the Bride, Fall 2013 - Flip flip flip, oooo! An article on healthy tips for two. Flip flip flip.
    • Bridal Guide, September/October 2013 - I read a bit more in this magazine. I liked the A to Z planning guide piece. I also like the quick bit on budget tricks. 
    •, 2012/2013 - This isn't a magazine so much as it is a catalog. That said, it gave me some ideas on decor and things I need.
    • Martha Stewart Living, September 2013 - This was the home issue, but I found the food articles and the essay on handwriting to be the most interesting.
    • Food Network, September 2013 - There were many (many!) delicious looking recipes in this issue, but I've seen them (ones like them) before. I did like the bit on "Can you salt it?" Who knew salting fruit would work.
  • Books 
    • I finished The Heretic Queen. It was quite entertaining, and I liked it a bit better than the other Moran book I finished this summer.
    • I'm a few pages into a new book, Twilight in Babylon, by Suzanne Frank. It's, I think, the third book in a series. I'm not quite sure I'm in the mood to read this book, but I was not in the mood to start a book set in another time/location. I wanted to stick in the ancient era for a bit longer.
  • Other
    • NPR posted an awesome piece called "Stars Are Everywhere." You should read it, because it is awesome.
    • Finally, I delved into the online Fitbit Flex manual. I gotta know what the heck this thing does if I'm going to out-walk The Fiance. 

Friday, August 09, 2013

BOOLEAN: Friday Fashion Find - Juicy

I posted pink last week and now I'm gonna do it again. This time, I was inspired by fruit. Nom nom nom.

This is Essie's Watermelon.

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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Links and Stuff: August 8, 2013

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Why I Love... Pretty Books

I used to work in a used bookstore. It was the perfect job for High School and, I think, ultimately led to my career path in the library. Day after day, I would process books. In my time there, I handled thousands of individual books. While the work could sometimes be monotonous, there were always books that caused me to stop and look at what was in my hands. These were the pretty books. Books that, as objects, are simply beautiful to behold.

I love to read, but I also love books that are objects of art. These books have gorgeously crafted bindings or an exceptionally well-designed dust jackets. These are the books I want to buy so that I can continue to look at them. To me, books are made of two separate parts: the pages for reading and the binding for display. For some books, the outside is so pretty that I don't care what the pages say.

Beautiful books are meant to be displayed. They have gold/embossed/scrolled/etc. bindings that sing when displayed in groups on shelves. They have marbled/gilt/illustrated paper edges that make you want to give the book another glance. Some books even come with accessories - locks, cases, and bookmarks. All of these features make a simple book a magnificent work of art. 

Beautiful books are what comes to mind when most people thing of a library. They're the ones that fill the shelves to give that old England, regency feel. These are the books that collectors seek out for collections for how they look. These are the books that are book-people books.

E-books are awesome, but nothing can compare to a leather-bound, gold-embossed, gilt edged tome. I'll take pretty, dead tree books any day.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

What I Read This Week: August 4, 2013

August. Ack! How did you get here so fast? Explain yourself.

At least the last week of July was lovely. The weather cooperated; it was cool and sunny and the little rain there was occurred overnight. My flowers and basil are loving it. Which reminds me... I think I need to make caprese wrap sandwiches for dinner again this week. They are delicious.

As for the reading...
  • Work
  • Magazines
    • Cooking Light, August 2013 - I only pulled two recipes (including one fore a steak pita), but I greatly enjoyed the new grilling tricks and articles about five ingredient meals.
  • Book
    • I started reading Michelle Moran's The Heretic Queen. It's a sort of sequel to the other book of hers I read this summer, Nefertiti. I'm enjoying it so far, but I'm only 50 or so pages in.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Book 16: The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

TITLE: The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner: Worksheets, Checklists, Etiquette, Timelines, and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
AUTHOR: Carley Rooney
STARTED: June 18, 2013
FINISHED: June 21, 2013
PAGES: 208
GENRE: Non-Fiction

FIRST SENTENCE: Planning a wedding involves endless details, pressing deadlines, family drama,and - far too often - enough stress to make you want to just elope.

SUMMARY: [From] First comes love, then comes . . . planning! Before a fabulous celebration, there are vendors to hire, budgets to calculate, decisions galore to make. Packed with The Knot’s top tips and worksheets, checklists, and contact sheets for you to fill in, this book is the one-stop resource that keeps brides focused but stress-free. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner paperback takes you through the process step by easy-to-follow step, with:
  • Budget worksheets (and all the latest digital tools for keeping track of costs) as well as hundreds of invisible ways to cut costs when selecting everything from flowers to the venue and menu
  • Wedding planning timelines (including a brand-new express timeline for couples getting married in 3 months or fewer)
  • Guest list and invitation worksheets (with guidance on what you can now do online)
  • Vendor contract checklists (and tons of new online resources for finding the pros you need)
  • Fun ideas for personalizing your reception, from photo booths to signature cocktails in any color your heart desires
  • Web links and other useful resources for planning on the go (including recommended apps to download and up-to-the-minute advice on building your wedding website)
THOUGHTS: Goodness me does this book have a lot of lists. While reading this I kept a mental tally of things I need to do/talk/think about. I definitely plan on using this book to make sure that I don't forget a crucial step while wedding planning. The set-up is easy and the ability to take notes in the books was great. While I don't think this book is ideal for everything wedding, it at least offers a framework of things to work on.

RATING: 7/10 [Very Good]

BOOLEAN: Friday Fashion Find - Pink

I was thinking about summery beverages the other day when it dawned on my that I seem to avoiding a certain color of polish - Pink! So, paint your toes with this shade whilst you drink some pink lemonade.

This is Essie's Pink Lemonade.

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Thursday, August 01, 2013