Why I Love... Blizzard Predictions

A few months ago, I wrote about why I love anticipating reading time. Back in September, it was rainy days that would keep me inside, this time it's snow. 

DC is predicted to be buried in snow this weekend. Everywhere from a foot to 30 inches could land on our roads. This means I'm not going anywhere. On Saturday (and likely Sunday... maybe even Monday), I plan on wrapping myself up in a blanket, making tea or cocoa, and reading. 

Have no fear, we made our bread and frozen pizza run today. There is already nourishment in the form of soups and pasta in our apartment. (Although I do need to grab eggs tomorrow...) We shant go hungry. We're going to make sure to bring the shovel in from the car to make digging it out (eventually) easier. Our weekend plans are being postponed. We're ready to batten down the hatches and ride out the white out.

If I don't finish Voracious and make a dent in another book, I've wasted a perfectly good blizzard.