What I Read This Week: February 24, 2013

I miss the sun. I don't think DC has had a truly sunny days in weeks. Boo to gray clouds all day! If it's going to be cloudy it might as well snow. In fact, it should snow enough to give me the day off. So that I can snuggle in bed. And read. All day. Yeah, I want that. And a cup of cocoa.

Anywho, my reading this week was pretty darn productive.

  • As I mentioned last week, I finished my reading backlog. I also said that the mailman would rob me of my victory by dropping off a new issue of something. I was right. On Monday, I had the March 2013 issue of Cooking Light waiting for me. At least it was a fantastic issue. It was all about pasta. I pulled almost every pasta issue from this recipe. There was also a fantastic article about a home cook who decide to make really hard meals. It was a great read.
  • For work, I flipped through the March/April 2013 digital supplement of American Libraries. It was a rather womp womp issue.
  • In book reading, I was a star this week:
    • I finished my professional reading book (Creating Your Library Brand) and started another (Strategic Planning for Social Media in Libraries).
    • I'm [thisclose] to finishing Young, House, Love. Once I'm done, I'm going to flip back through and tagged some projects I want to try. I should probably start contemplating what I want to read next...