Pairings: Ski Lodge

This weekend, The Husband and I are joining a bunch of our friends for our annual "ski trip." I use the scare quotes because not all of us ski and the weather does not always cooperate. I, for one, am a lodge girl. I like to stay warm by the fire with snacks and a good book (or jigsaw puzzle). Lodge reading is a great excuse to grab a delectable work of fiction. I like a book that mixes a fun plot with great characters and is highly readable but can still be put down at any time so that I can take part in other "ski trip" events. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is a great option for lodge reading. It's a fun story that you can fall into and enjoy while still being able to have fun with your friends. You can read my review of this book here.

Whilst on "ski trip," we all eat a lot of food. My group is on breakfast duty. That calls for make ahead casseroles. These are great because they are easy to do, don't require anyone to get up (too) early, and are hearty dishes for those who hit the slopes. A great breakfast casserole combines some carbs and protein with an "it" flavor. The "it" flavor in this from this Parents dish is the everything seasoning. I'm an addict for that taste and throwing these bagels in with some eggs and cheese is a recipe for filling tastiness. I look forward to nomming on this while diving in to a novel.