Book 9-11: Wonder Woman Rebirth

Wonder Woman: Vol. 5 - Heart of the Amazon
Wonder Woman: Vol. 6 - Children of the Gods
Wonder Woman: Vol. 7 - Amazons Attacked
Author: Various
Started: February 15, 2019
Finished: February 18, 2019
Pages: 176, 168, 192
Genre: Graphic Novel

First Sentence:
Vol. 5 - The world of humanity is filled with people in need.
Vol. 6 - Brother!
Vol. 7 - I can barely recall what happened.

Vol. 5 [From BN] She is the greatest warrior the world has ever seen; a guardian of peace and justice with the power of a goddess. But even Diana of Themyscira--the superhero better known as Wonder Woman--is entitled to a little downtime. And after the incredible trials she's just endured, she could use it. But when she goes to a wedding with her best friend Etta Candy, all hell breaks loose. A madwoman's attack on the reception ignites an all-out war for
Wonder Woman's most precious resource: the DNA that makes her an Amazon. It could be a miracle cure...or a doomsday weapon. Soon the planet's most powerful bounty hunters are on her trail, out to acquire her genetic makeup by any means necessary. Can Wonder Woman fend off this ruthless attack? Or will the heart of the Amazon be exposed for the world to see?

Vol. 6 [From BN] Until recently, Wonder Woman had no clue she had a twin brother, taken away from Themyscira in the dead of night. The mysterious Jason (the only male ever born on the island) has been hidden somewhere far from the sight of gods and men...but his life and Wonder Woman's are about to intersect in a terrifying way. Before she can unravel that secret, Diana has to contend with the return of Grail, who is tracking down her half-siblings, the offspring of Zeus. As each demigod dies, the energy is channeled to Grail's father and master, the reborn Darkseid. And now Wonder Woman will be drawn into the battle against the deadly Lord of Apokolips. Will Jason fight at her side, or do his loyalties lie elsewhere?

Vol. 7 [From BN] The Gods separated Themyscira from the world for a good reason: it serves as the prison for the God of War, and the most powerful army ever created stands guard around him! So what happens when the greatest evil in the universe decides he wants that army for himself?
The power of the ancient gods has returned Darkseid to his former self, but he wants more—he wants the throne of Apokolips back! But to put down the rebellions and civil war raging on his homeworld, he'll need an army more powerful than he's ever had before. That sounds suspiciously like the Amazons! Meanwhile, Wonder Woman's brother Jason has always longed to meet his mother, Hippolyta, but the machinations of the gods have made it impossible. But now, with the barrier between worlds at its thinnest, could they come face-to-face at last? Should Wonder Woman help him return home, if it could lead to the destruction of the Amazons?

Thoughts: After I devoured the first four volumes of this series, I thought I would LOVE the next three. While I enjoyed them, I didn't quite love them. Greg Rucka is no longer the writer and the art team changed. While the stories were still enjoyable and the art well done, everything seemed to be a bit less cinematic and more cartoony. Wonder Woman is still an amazing character and I liked all the new characters introduced in this series, but some of the magic was missing. Everything felt a little bit flatter and more black and white. While I'm glad I read these, I'm not sure I'll go out of my way to keep up with the series.

Rating: 6/10 [Good]