What I Read This Week: January 6, 2019

Would you look at this long list!

I nearly forgot to put this post together. I remembered to write it up while watching Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (for the thirtieth time) and I didn't realize just how much I read this week. I think my binge is partly because I spent some time over the holidays cutting back on the accounts I follow on social media, the number of feeds in my Feedly reader, and how many email newsletters I subscribe to. I had no idea it would free up this much time.

I'm gonna pat myself on the back for all of this.

  • Work
    • American Libraries, November/December 2018 - I learned that there is a beer archive and I've never heard anything cooler. (You can see it for yourself here.) The bulk of this issue was devoted to job hunting and I think the tips were useful for everyone. Resume building, networking, and salary negotiation are important for all.
    • American Libraries, January/February 2019 - The bulk of this issue was devoted to reviewing what happened in 2018 and the upcoming midwinter conference, but there was one article I think is worth singling out. "Other Duties As Assigned" featured interviews with librarians who go beyond their basic job descriptions. These librarians, like thousands of others,
      become social workers, EMTs, therapists, and defenders of their patrons. It's a real part of the job that is often overlooked.
  • Magazines
    • Real Simple, December 2018 - This issue was mainly a gift guide, but it had some cute gift wrap ideas that made the presents look so chic. I also liked the article offering tips on how to stay healthy while traveling. Get your flu shots, everyone!
    • Real Simple, January 2019 - This issue had a wonderful essay about a woman who had to handle her mom's possessions after she died. It was a touching essay about how
      we experience history and family through things. There was also a good piece on how to handle your kid's anxiety as they age. As someone who has panic attacks, I can say the tips were rather good. Finally, I want to try all the tips about making my home smell good. I love a clean and fresh feeling house.
    • Cooking Light, December 2018 - I put off reading this issue because it's the last Cooking Light ever. (pout) They went out on a high note. There was a wonderful story about the recipe cards a mom left behind. (Librarian note - digitize that stuff people!) I also loved all the holiday cookie recipes. They offered a spin on some traditional recipes. Next there was a great article on how to put together an excellent dinner party in an hour. Normally I think the timing on those stories is off, but this one looked doable. Finally, I saved an extremely tasty looking, make-ahead berry french toast casserole.
  • Books
    • At the start of the year, I finished a short little book called On Doing Nothing. It was more philosophical essay than anything else. Not great but certainly not the worst thing I've read.
    • I am now reading the novel The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close. It takes place in DC and gets so many places right that I feel like I'm walking around in my neighborhood. The story itself is also very good. I've been staying up far later than I should reading it.