Pairings: Out and About

I know it's winter, but I still love walking through the city. Being on foot is the best way to experience an area because you can take time to look around or pop in to fun stores or parks. When you get around on your own two feet, you really get a chance to feel the vibe of neighborhoods. Not all cities are walkable, but Jeff Speck argues in his book, Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time, that walkable cities are better for people and economies. People who walk through cities spend more time there, develop closer connections, and support local businesses more. Walkable cities also create healthier populations and more vibrant lives. Plus, you also get the chance to pet all the cute puppies that are out on their walks.

Again, I know it's winter, but one food that is a lot of fun to eat on the go is ice cream. This sweet treat is the perfect accompaniment to a jaunt about town. There's something a little bit magical about licking drips off a cone or indulging in a bite of mix-in while walking through a park or down the street. You can always buy ice cream from the store (to support local businesses), but can also try your hand a making your own ice cream. Cookie dough is one my favorite and this no churn recipe (no special equipment needed) from Like Mother, Like Daughter looks de-licious. Not a fan of cookie dough? Substitute a mix-in of your choice, like candy, nuts, or fruit.