What I Read This Week: December 2, 2018

You would think that two weeks worth of reading would lead to a longer list. But no. That's what I get for binge watching The Hallmark Channel all week. I love me some cozy romance movies.

  • Magazines
    • The Atlantic, November 2018 - This was an okay issue. I like the tech stuff and I think there are important lessons to learn, but I'm kind of just over all the think pieces. Then again, I have an Alexa in my home and find it incredibly valuable... particularly the parts where The Husband connected all the smart outlet so we can turn off all the lights with one command. In other areas, the story on Newt Gingrich offered incredibly valuable insights in to the state of politics today.
    • National Geographic, November 2018 - The main bulk of this issue was devoted to issues related to The West. Cattle ranching, water rights, and land usage are not really my cup tea. The article were good, they're just not a subject matter to
      which I am driven. I am, however, highly-intrigued by future food stories. This one was all about reducing the carbon footprint of the food industry by focusing on veggies and insects. I also enjoyed the story on Anarctica. The ice is melting, as we all know, and the issues it's causing for animals and biomes are highly problematic.
  • Books
    •  I polished off An Ember in the Ashes whilst on vacation. It was sooooo good. It's the kind of YA story that just makes you want to binge read. Lucky for me, there is no waiting list for the next two books at my local library. I already have book two. Now I just need to finish my current read...
    • ... which is a proper romance novel, Untamed by Pamela Clare. I have not read a romance novel in so long. Diving in to this colonial era book is making me remember why I love romance novels so much. I might have to start keeping an emergency romance novel on hand at all times.
Adding a bonus note because The Atlantic's Hubble advent calendar is out and it'd one of my favorite things.