Why I Love... A Fresh Start

This year, I've weeded a large number of books from my collection. There were titles on my shelves that I've owned for years... many for over a decade. Not once in all that time did I pick them up to read. They were always "I'll get to them later."

I've been listening to The Minimalists Podcast and they often discuss bringing items into your life with intention. I like that. I decided that I want a fresh start with my collection. So, this summer my shelves got a major weed. I finally stopped keeping everything that I thought I might read later. What is left on my shelves are books that I have read and loved OR I know I will read in the next year. That's it. My bookcases are pretty bare now... which has a bonus action of making it easier to move in the future.

This is a fresh start for my book collection and it's great. My collection is now focused more on my reading style. I'm a mood reader and I often hit up the library to fulfill those moods. And, now, there are few books lingering at home stressing me out because I keep ignoring them. When I do bring a book home now it's because I know it will add value to my shelves and to my life.