What I Read This Week: August 13, 2017

Short post this week without any bells and whistles. The Husband and I are visiting my parents and I'm typing this up really quick before we go play tourist.
  • Magazines
    • HGTV, September 2017 - I don't even know why I bother including this title in the round-up. It's basically a catalog and I always flip through it very quickly. The only thing I slowed down for in this issue was the piece involving DIY makeovers of objects and styling options.
  • Books
    • I spent an hour on Sunday reading Before the Fall because I wanted to finish and return it to the library before we left on vacation. I achieved that mission and, while I enjoyed the book, the ending was so real to life that it made me angry. In a good way, I guess, but I was still cranky. This book is going to be hard to review without spoilers.
    • I'm now reading Feral. A book about rewilding by George Monbiot. So far, I love the writing.