What I Read This Week: July 30, 2017

This was one of those weeks that just sorta fluttered by. I know I did stuff but none of it was remarkable. The Husband and I started watching random episodes of Top Gear and now we're both excited for The Grand Tour to return. Aside from that, we hosted a pretty awesome dinner with some of our friends last night. Now if only it would stop raining...

  • Work
    • College and Research Libraries News, July/August 2017 - Firstly, what is up with the cover pictures. It's a bit odd. Moving on. While I skimmed the majority of this issue, I did like the piece discussing the new roles and strengths of teaching librarians.
  • Magazines
    • Washingtonian, August 2017 - From the cover, I thought this would be an issue I skimmed through quickly. Surprisingly, I read the majority of the issue. The spread on weekend getaways was very well done. It was organized by kind of getaway and each category had drive times, options, and recommendations. There is now a tree house in Virginia I want
      to spend the night in. The short piece on local ice cream places made my mouth water. Finally, there was a short review by a reporter who spent the night in an upscale pet hotel. I thought that was hilarious.
    • National Geographic, August 2017 - I might have squeed a little bit when this issue arrived in the mailbox. I absolutely love when Nat Geo covers space cause the articles are always great and pictures are pretty. This was true for this issue but in a slightly different way. The article was great  - but the pictures highlighted future moon probes which are still earth-bound. The article on Astronaut Scott Kelly was also good but, again, more earth-bound like pictures. Finally, the article on open defecation around the world surprised me. This is a topic that most people in the developed world don't think about which is exactly why Nat Geo included the article. Definitely worth the read.
  • Books
    • I'm about halfway through Before the Fall. It's really good and somehow seems relevant for the times... I just keep falling asleep after five pages. Damn my ability to fall asleep easily! I want to read more!
  • Other
    • The New York Times posted a rather good piece on the Cambridges and sartorial diplomacy.
    • The Washington Post sent out an email alert this week about a long but utterly fascinating story about how modern DNA testing is uncovering lost stories and family trees.