What I Read This Week: July 23, 2017

This was my annual birthday staycation week. I like to take a week off around my birthday every year for two reasons. First, I usually have a long list of to do items that I want to devote my attention to. This list includes weeding things, cleaning things, and generally getting stuff done to get my life in order. Second, I like to have one me day on my birthday day. I usually just indulge in food items and home spa stuff. It's incredibly relaxing.

  • Magazines
    • Cooking Light, August 2017 - This issue was focused on fast recipes and it was full of delicious and fresh looking meals. I actually said, "Ooo! Ooo!" outloud when I say the recipe for skillet ratatouille. I've already asked The Husband if he's game for me trying it as one of our meals this week. I skimmed over the feature articles in this issue because they were kind of blah, but the recipes were definitely worth my attention.
    • Real Simple, August 2017 - This was kind of a lackluster issue for this magazine. Most of the feature articles were just there for me and the tips/tricks/food all seemed like repeats. The one article I did like was about how to be kind in a rude world. I always think it's best to spread a little bit of kindness every day. You never know what people are going through, so it's best to approach the world with a smile and a helping hand. 
  • Books
    • I'm making a decent dent in Before the Fall. So far, the book is mainly a mystery with evolving backstories. I like it. It's also a great summer read. There is enough drama and characters to make me pay attention, but it's also easy to read. It does, however, make me never want to fly on a private plane...