What I Read This Week: July 16, 2017

This is the first weekend of my staycation. Huzzah! I plan on spending most of my time cleaning, getting stuff done around the apartment, and generally knocking things off my personal to do list, but I have some fun stuff planned. The Husband and I played some rousing Mario Kart at Lady B and her SO's apartment last night. I am not a good driver, but I can eat tasty pizza with the best of them! It was like we were back in high school.

DC also muddled through it's first solid heat-wave of the summer. Every year I forget how melty it can get here. I actually found myself craving icy lemonade. Even now it sounds tasty. Drinking lemonade while reading in a swinging hammock in the shade sounds like a most excellent way to spend the day.
  • Magazines
    • The Atlantic, July/August 2017 - Well this was a scarily prescient issue. The cover story (by my favorite non-fiction author Mark Bowden) was all about our options to deal with a nuclear North Korea. It was scary to read this right after the North Koreans tested an ICBM. Scary... but important. This was a great article laying out all the tough and complex decisions surrounding this area of geopolitics. In addition to the cover story, I really liked the two medical feature stories. The first was about using smartphone and app technology to help diagnose and treat mental illness. The second was about the quest to find new bacteria to counter the threat of antibiotic Resistance. The usual supporting articles in this issue were good, but none of them were outstanding must-reads.
  • Books
    • I finished reading The Little Book of Hygge. It was just as delightful as I hoped it would be. I love how it basically says my homebodiness is a good thing.
    • The book I'm reading now is Before The Fall by Noah Hawley. It's a mystery/thriller which is not my usual genre, but I've read some rave reviews. So far, I'm very intrigued by both the story and the writing style.