Book 16: The Little Book of Hygge

TITLE: The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living
AUTHOR: Meik Wiking
STARTED: July 3, 2017
FINISHED: July 12, 2017
PAGES: 225
GENRE: Non-Fiction


SUMMARY: [From Amazon] Get consciously cozy. The Danes are famously the happiest people in the world, and hygge is a cornerstone of their way of life. Hygge (pro-nounced Hoo-ga) loosely translates as a sense of comfort, togetherness, and well-being. You know hygge when you feel it. It is when you are cuddled up on a sofa with a loved one, or sharing comfort food with your closest friends. It is those crisp blue mornings when the light through your window is just right. It is about gratitude and savoring the simple pleasures in life. In short, it is the pursuit of everyday happiness. Who better than Meik Wiking to be your guide to all things hygge? Meik is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and has spent years studying the magic of Danish life and what makes people happy. From bringing out the candles and spending time with your tribe to giving yourself a break from the demands of healthy living (cake is most definitely hygge), Meik’s beautiful, inspiring book will help you to be more hygge.

THOUGHTS: If you liked Marie Kondo's book, I think you'll like this one. It's basically a manual to finding what sparks joy in life. Wiking has crafted a quick book (backed with science and survives) to find what makes people happy. He's focused on Denmark, but the whole point of the book is to focus on relationships (including the one with yourself) and finding your happy place. I am a homebody, so this book basically validated my desires to sit in a snuggly area and read or watch a movie with The Husband.

I like how Wiking incorporated various ways of presenting his information. Some chapters were stories, some lists, some diagrams and pictures, and some were just straight paragraphs of factual information. While I enjoyed the information in this book, the organization was a bit scattered. I think a few of the chapters should have been reordered to better develop Wiking's argument. But that's a nitpink.

RATING: 7/10 [Very Good]