Book 14: This Place Has No Atmosphere

TITLE: This Place Has No Atmosphere
AUTHOR: Paula Danziger
STARTED: June 27, 2017
FINISHED: July 3, 2017
PAGES: 207
GENRE: Young Adult

FIRST SENTENCE: "I think he likes you," Juan whispers, as Matthew sits down at the other end of the table and smiles at me.

SUMMARY: [From BN] In the year 2057 people live in malls, take classes in ESP, and get detention from robots. Fifteen-year-old Aurora loves everything about her life. She’s part of the coolest group of kids at school and has just started dating the best-looking guy in her grade. Then her parents make the announcement that she’s sure will ruin her life—the family’s moving to the moon! What with water rationing, no privacy, and freeze-dried ham­burgers, how will Aurora ever feel like she’s home again?

THOUGHTS: When I was in elementary school, I read this book at least 14 times. Something about it spoke to me and I decided I needed to reread it for the nostalgia factor.

As a way to relive my childhood, this book was awesome. It brought me back to all the days I spent reading nestled in my bed or on a patio chair. It reminded me of how excited I was about traveling to the moon as a teenager. It reminded me that this book felt new, fresh, and full of adventure. The nostalgia of my reread put a HUGE smile on my face for days.

As for the book itself, as an adult, the magic is not the same. Aurora feels selfish and juvenile. She insults and judges people for inane reasons. She is downright mean in many instances. The plot is also oddly paced giving a lot of time to earth and not to the moon. The secondary characters also fall a bit flat. I was disappointed that my adult side sees less good in this book, but that's what happens when you grow up. At least the idea of the story still feels innovative. I've not come across another YA book like this.

That said, I still this book because it reminds me of my younger days when I could read and read and read without any other care in the world.

RATING: For the Nostalgia - 8/10 [Terrific]; For the Book - 6/10 [Good]