What I Read This Week: June 18, 2017

On Monday, the girls and I saw Wonder Woman. IT WAS AMAZING! I was quite scared that the film would not live up to the hype but it did! It did so much! Lady K and I are already talking about seeing it again. I will likely own it and watch it lots.

In reading news, I am [thisclose] to catching up on my magazine backlog.

  • Magazines
    • National Geographic, June 2017 - A cover story about why we lie... while this administration is in office... oh boy! This was a great look at the science and psychology of lying. It also says that none of us tells the truth. Not surprising. Aside from that, this issue had three other great articles: how climate change is impacting the Galapagos, the perils of being an albino in Africa, and the uncovering of an excellent dinosaur fossil.
    • Cooking Light, July 2017 - It's not fair that I don't have a grill. This whole issue was chick full of grilling recipes and they all looked amazing. At least I can partake of the picnic recipes. (Mental note - schedule next picnic) The best part of this issue was the article on non-meat proteins. The Husband and I try to eat vegetarian at least once a week. That's easy. What's not easy is getting us to try tofu. I think some of these recipes might be worth a shot.
    • HGTV, July/August 2017 - This issue was even more catalog like than usual. It was pages and pages of things that you could buy. That said, I did like the article about adding curb appeal. I also liked the fun DIY reupholstery pictures. Before and afters like that are always great.
    • Washingtonian, April 2017 - The main theme of this issue was buying a place in DC. Since The Husband and I are in the market, I ate up all the tips... just not the ads... can't afford those sky-high prices. In non-home news, there was a great guide to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. One of these days we'll spend a long weekend out there. 
  • Books
    • I finished off Today Will Be Different on Sunday night. I've had a week to mull it over and I still don't know if I like the main character or not.
    • I started reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This book has been on my mental TBR for ages. The mood to read it suddenly struck so I grabbed a copy from the public library. I find it odd that it's shelved in the kids section.