What I Read This Week: June 11, 2017

I did not get much reading done this week. The first reason for that is work was cuh-razy and I came home le tired. The second reason is, last Friday, I decided to start rewatching The West Wing. I might not have completed much in the reading department but binge watching my favorite TV show has been so good for my mental health... particularly this week. #ThisTown #Comey

  • Books
    • I put a HUGE dent in Today Will Be Different. If I don't finish it tonight, I would be surprised.
  • Other
    • All things Comey hearing related. I am a DC girl after all. 
In other news, I made a new cookie recipe this week - Bourbon Chocolate Chip. I used a small cookie scoop which resulted in bite-sized pieces of awesome. You have got to try them.