The Friday Find: Notebooks

I have a "thing" for all things stationary. I love walking in to a store that sells pens, papers, cards, and all manner of journal type things. It's a little piece of paradise for me.

If I went in to a store that sold these adorable literary notebooks, it would be really hard for me to not buy one or two.

You can purchase these from Manuscript.


Laura said…
The notebooks look great . . . I'd love to get my hands on the (sold out) Wizard of Oz ones, but the company appears to be a fledgling one, or perhaps a hobby business. Nothing wrong with that, but I might be a little concerned about fulfillment. Their Instagram icon links to nothing, their blog hasn't been updated in six months, and their Twitter feed is linking over and over to blog posts from 2015. They're offering a subscription option, but don't have an FAQ of any kind.
Meghan said…
Laura - thanks for the information. I just thought they were cute, I didn't look at the company's activity.