Why I Love... Taking a Break

The last (!) book on my library waiting list is currently available for me to pick-up. After I finish reading it, I plan on taking a break on reading books for a bit. Normally, I always have one (sometimes two) books going at a time. But, I'm taking a break. I have not lost my reading groove but, instead, I'm taking a break from books sometimes to deal with other things on my nightstand.

In this case, I have an epic pile of magazines I want to read. As you know from my What I Read This Week series, I subscribe to several magazine titles. Most of these I can get through the week they arrive, but some titles (namely, The Atlantic, National Geographic, and Washingtonian) I like to read cover-to-cover. The article are great but they are also long, so it's hard to concentrate on the stories unless I devote my full attention to them. The pile has been growing steadily for months and I've decided, instead of feeling like this is hanging over my while I read my books, I'm going to swap my book reading for magazine reading.

The best thing about reading books is that they will always be there. This pause is not forever and, when I pick up my next back, I can fall right back into my habits without feeling like I have something else hanging over me.