What I Read This Week: May 28, 2017

My brother made an unexpected (and quick) visit to DC this week. The weather was rainy and dreary the whole week, but the rain held off just long enough on Wednesday night to allow us to attend the Nationals baseball game. Thank you, mother nature!

Also, this three-day weekend could not have been more perfectly timed. This week was very busy and extremely tiring at work. I'm prepping our main library for the relocation of a campus library. That meant heaving about a lot of books. I am le tired.
  • Magazines
    • HGTV, June 2017 - This was the annual paint issue. I heart all the pretty colors that come out in this issue. So many lovely blues, greens, and pinks! As for articles, I enjoyed to pieces. The first was on how you can use paint to transform furniture and other decor items. That other was about how to style open shelves in your kitchen.
    • Cooking Light, June 2017 - While Cooking Light is generally all about food, the often include health related articles. In this article, there was a one page story on sunscreen. I just had my first skin check at the dermatologist so this piece was a nice reminder that I need to stock up on the right sunscreen for the summer. In other news, I loved the spread on how to eat by
      color. The recipes were fantastic and it was nice that the story broke down what nutrients can be found in each color of food. Finally, the summer cookbook recipes were just tasty looking. I saved several to try out myself.
    • Real Simple, April 2017 - This was the first issue in my attempt to make a dent in my magazine backlog. This issue, on the whole, was just okay, but there were three pieces I found to be worth reading. The first was, essentially, an infographic on the science of how we fall in love. The second was about how stretching is good for the body. That piece included a few stretches everyone should try. The third piece was the cover story on how to "sparkle" clean your home. I may be one of
      the few people who destresses by cleaning. I can't wait to put a few of the tips to the test in our apartment. My blinds definitely need a deep clean.
  • Books
    • It took me longer than expected, but I finished Dear Data. It was denser than anticipated, but that turned out to make it a really interesting read.
  • Other
    • I subscribe to a several email newsletters. They're mainly about current events and politics... so they contain not so great news as of late. On occasion, however, they link out to some gems. This week, one of The Atlantic newsletters linked to a story on the things scientists carry through airport security and the hilarity (and education) that follow. It was the best thing I read all week.