Why I Love... The Library Hold List

Readathon is this Saturday. I browsed my personal shelves for books I want to read, but I need to head to the library for more.

My local branch is currently closed for a complete demolition and remodel, so I scoured the website to place holds on items to be sent to the interim location.

I love the hold list for three reasons.

First, its makes my life so much easier. Instead of having to travel to each branch to get my books, they come to me!

Second, I can also toss books onto my holds when I know I really want to read them... and so does everyone else. If a title is in high demand, I just put it on my holds list and wait until a copy is available. It's always a wonderful surprise when I get the email that it's finally my turn with an anticipated title.

Third, it provides on-going enjoyment as I check to see where I am in line each day. I love that feeling of watching the books can get closer and closer to being in my hands. I can see when my number in the wait list decreases, I can see when the book is being processed for me, and then, finally, I can see when a book is ready to be picked up.

If you haven't made use of your local library's holds list, you really should. I think you'll be surprised how much you love it.

Then again... there is always that one major downside when all your holds come in at once. Eh. It's worth it.