What I Read This Week: April 9, 2017

This was my first "normal" week in quite some time. It was kind of nice knowing that I would be going home each day after a typical day at the office. Sometimes I enjoy a good "rut." That said, Lady K and I saw Beauty and Beast on Friday and it was both awesome as a movie and spectacular as a trip down memory lane. We did not go to a sing-along showing... but that did not keep me from singing along in my head.

This week, I also finished the S-Town podcast. It left me with many, many feels. It's not the story you think it will be and that is what makes it so special. I highly recommend adding that to your list.

  • Work
    • I started reading Digital Preservation by Marilyn Deegan and Simon Taner. This is a book that is, shockingly, about digital preservation. Our library is making moves towards ensuring our digitized material is around for the long haul, so I thought I would bone up on the topic. 
  • Magazines
    • Food Network, April 2017 - There were two things I loved about the issue. The first was the quick-one page recipe on how to make a cake look like a galaxy. (So cool!) The second was the feature on destination DC. I'm a sucker for stuff on where I live. This issue also had some tasty looking veggie noodle recipes. I also liked the brief piece on all the colorful
      small appliances there are out there.
    • Good Housekeeping, April 2017 - This was a skim issue for me. The only piece I stopped to look at slightly more closely was on how to add more color to your home.
    • Cooking Light, April 2017 - Normally, I love this magazine for the recipes and party menu ideas. This issue, however, had some great articles devoted to healthy eating. The first article looked about the myths and science behind how food impacts metabolism. The second was about what healthy means now (as compared to when the magazine started in the 1980s). The last article was about how to go green (as in eco-friendly) in the kitchen. There were also some great recipes. Good issue!
  • Books
    • Ugh! One of these days I'll get into a long reading session for 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I'm enjoying the book, but I have been reading forever and I'm kind of itching to move on to other things. At least I know I will finish it before or during readathon in a few weeks. No matter what, I will be reading a new book before April is over.
  • Other
    • This article, posted on The Atlantic, shows how former Obama White House photographer Pete Souza's Instagram account provides visual criticism (read: epic levels of shade) of the current administration.