What I Read This Week: April 23, 2017

The Husband and I were supposed to attend the March for Science yesterday, but I am a rain wimp and opted to stay home. That said, I put a lot of work into my Ms. Frizzle costume, so I took some pictures and participated virtually on Twitter and Instagram. I give the highest of fives and the strongest of kudos to all the awesome scientists and science lovers who marched in the dreary weather. You all rock! Also, the signs at all these marches were particularly fantastic.

In other news, Readathon is next Saturday. I need to start prepping! First, I need to see what books I can read at home before I start raiding the library. I have a feeling this readathon is going to be rather eclectic.

  • Work 
    • College and Research Libraries News - April 2017 - I skimmed the majority of this issue, but the article on collaborating in the humanities was pretty good. 
  • Magazines
    • Food Network, May 2017 - I didn't bother to read any of the articles in this issue, but I did spend some quality time with the recipes. I loved that the entire issue was themed around Tex-Mex food. Now I need tacos. And avocado. And sour cream. 
    • Good Housekeeping, May 2017 - I want Connie Britton's hair! In other news, there was a lot of pastel to be had in these pages. Aside from that, the article on laundry tips was the best part of this issue.
    • The Atlantic, April 2017 - OMG this issue! I read the cover story on women in Silicon Valley and fumed the entire time. The fact that this outright sexism still exists (on top of inherent bias) is downright infuriating. If you don't think sexism is a problem, read that story. Aside from that, the piece on bringing wooly mammoths back to Siberia was incredibly interesting. It makes you wonder how far we should go with science. The shorter stories were also good, particularly the pieces on data in therapy and Beowulf.
  • Books
    • The end of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is in sight! I'm excited by that because I want to see how it wraps up... and I am sooooo ready to move on to another book. I am going to try to finish this before readathon, but I have a feeling I will be finishing this next Saturday morning.
  • Other
    • I read a lot of news every day. One of the problems with that is that I can start to suffer from compassion fatigue. CNN posted a story this week about a photographer who tried to save a child instead of taking pictures that moved me to tears. It's a reminder that what is happening each day in Syria is still devastating.