What I Read This Week: April 16, 2017

This was a good week. It was a short work week due to the Easter holiday. The Husband and I got to see the Caps in their first playoff game. (Thank goodness for the OT come back!) Yesterday, I hosted a girly coloring and movie party complete with homemade scones and tea sandwiches. And, today, we're going to a park to hang out with friends. I like weeks like this.
  • Work
    • It was a short work week for me, so part of my To Do list was trying to clear out my backlog of article reading. I read and skimmed a bunch of things, but I found the stories below to be most useful:
    • I'm still working on Digital Preservation. The introductory chapter did a great job of highlighting why this issue is so difficult and complex. With digital preservation you're not just saving a real life thing - you're saving bit streams plus content plus a thing. Oh, and then you have to make sure you can legally save these things. 
    • American Libraries annual issue on the State of America's Libraries came out this week. As usual, the report highlights how important libraries are to their communities and how we're always doing more with less. This year, however, there was an emphasis on how libraries and librarians are important in crafting a well-informed citizenery in the age of "fake news."
  • Magazines
    • HGTV Magazine, May 2017 - Not gonna lie. I read this issue whilst tipsy. And by read... I mean skimmed. It was mainly pretty pictures of colorful home decor. The only article I stopped to read was the various ways of laying out a gallery wall.
  • Books
    • I made a decent dent in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. My goal is to finish this book before read-a-thon on May 29th. I just might make it.
  • Other