Why I Love... Reading During a Meal

It's a little thing I never paid attention to until yesterday, but I love reading while eating a meal. Yesterday was a snow day so, during lunch, I grabbed a book while I ate lunch at the table. It was only twenty minutes, but it was twenty minutes of enjoyment.

I ate my cucumber and tomato salad while reading a few pages of Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. I'm not too far into the actual story yet, so I relished getting a few extra pages in since I don't bring my book to work. The moment was simple but maybe that is why it was so enjoyable.

I had spent my morning working on a massive to do list I gave myself (website creation, laundry, shredding, filing, etc). I knew I would spend the afternoon also tackling that list, so I decided that I need a break during lunch. I'm normally an eat-at-your-desk sort of person, but yesterday called for something different. So, I turned off my background noise of Netflix stream, I walked away from my computer, and I gave myself a real rest. Those twenty minutes were a true break from work. I could disconnect from what needed to get done and focus on myself and the book in front of me.

I think these breaks from the everyday are what make reading so enjoyable. Particularly when you're reading a high-interest book. Sometimes, the simplest things are the best.