What I Read This Week: March 19, 2017

This was a weird week. Instead of covering all of it, I'll just talk about the moment that stands out the most... the moment 6 firetrucks came to the library.

Early Thursday, someone detected smoke in our main reading room. We evacuated the building and let the firefighters do their job. As the Head of Preservation, I feared the worse as I saw the two ladder trucks deploy while people ran into the building with hoses. Books do not mix with smoke, fire, and/or water. In the end, nothing was too wrong. Turns out one of our HVAC units had an issue and a belt started smoking. We just had to vent out the space of the haze and burning rubber aroma.

I would call that one of the craziest moments of my working life.
  • Magazines
    • Washingtonian, January 2017 - I was not looking forward to reading this issue... given the cover subject. Aside from my distaste for the new president, however, this was a fine issue. There was a great story about the local Flying Dog brewery and I also enjoyed the guide to newcomers in Washington (the advice was quite spot on). Normally, I skim the home section, but this issue had a nice piece about an attic redone as a study.
    • HGTV, April 2017 - I merely flipped through this issue, but I did love all the colors. It was a very bright issue that was pleasing to the eye. The last article, on sweet
      smelling flowers for your garden, was also nice.
  • Books
    • I'm surprised by how easy it is to read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Normally, books from this era have "stodgier" language that it takes me awhile to adjust to. Not so with this translation. It's really easy to dive into the story. I think I might have to set aside some time this weekend to really focus on the book.
  • Other