Check Out This Pinterest Board

My friend, Kathleen (also known as Lady K), is a prolific user of Pinterest. I follow her because we are friends (and I like all of her stuff), but I think you just might want to follow her too.

I would like to draw attention to her Design - Libraries board. On this board, she collects wonderful images of libraries. They come in all shapes and sizes, from multi-story wowers to the tiniest of reading nooks. Kathleen has an eye for pinning images of places you just want to go to. They invite you in and you will want to sit and stay awhile. With a book. Obviously.

I think what I love best about this board is that it shows all the ways we present our love for reading and books. No two libraries are alike because no two readers are alike. We all enjoy reading different things so we all display our books differently. Some readers like organization and deep, dark wood while others like haphazard stacks of books and piles of pillows. Kids love to read in tents and nooks (and, if I'm being honest, adults like me do too). Some readers can build extravagant rooms in their home dedicated to books while others make do with a smaller space or use their local library. Libraries are wonderful because we can make them our own.

Here's just a taste of some of the wonderful images she has collected.

If you liked this sample, you should really head over to Kathleen's board and look everything. And she's adding more every day.