Book 4: Digital Preservation

TITLE: Digital Preservation
AUTHOR: Gail McMillan, Matt Schultz, and Katherine Skinner
STARTED: February 27, 2017
FINISHED: February 27, 2017
PAGES: 158
GENRE: Library Science

FIRST SENTENCE: ARL member libraries increasingly create, acquire, disseminate, and curate both digitized and born digital content.

SUMMARY: [From Amazon] This survey explores the strategies that ARL member institutions use to protect evolving research collections and the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders. The survey asked ARL libraries about their digital content, their strategies for preserving that content, and the staff, time, and funding they currently devote to digital preservation. It also asked each responding library to compare its digital preservation activities of three years ago to current activities and project three years into the future. In addition, to better understand the roles of research libraries in the emergent field of digital curation, the survey sought to identify issues that are and are not being addressed through current practices and policies.

THOUGHTS: Our library, like many libraries, hopes to go full-speed ahead on digitization and digital preservation soon. I picked up this book to get a basis for our current digital preservation endeavors. While the book itself is more of a survey of current practices (circa 2011) the appendices are full of supporting documents of what libraries are doing. I like being able to refer to those and use them as templates. So, this is not some much a "read" for me. It's more of a resource.

RATING: 5/10 [Meh.]