Why I Love... Hygge

Hygge has long been a part of Danish culture, but now it's making it's way to the States. I, for one, could not be happier that this trend of "coziness" is becoming a thing.

Hygge is all about creating intimacy in everyday things through intention, warmth, and shared contentedness. Given the mood of the U.S. right now (and my general homebodyness), I can really use this ritual right now. Hygge is the perfect way to settle into to yourself with a good book.

If you poke around Instagram or Pinterest for hygge, you'll find a ton of vignettes of fires, candles, cozy blankets, pillows, bowls of soup, cups of tea, etc. Online, hygge basically looks like "apres ski" on steroids. I am all about putting on comfy clothes, grabbing a mug with a warm beverage, and burrowing under blankets in front of a fire - book in hand of course. Nothing is cozier than creating a bubble of comfort from which to enjoy a novel. Even writing this makes me long for a few solid hours of downtime to savor and enjoy a quiet moment with a book.