What I Read This Week: February 5, 2017

Tonight, I am making my annual vats of chili with all of the fixings. Every year, we host a Super Bowl party and every year, I randomly pick a team. This year was easier than others. I'm going for the Falcons. And the commercials.
  • Magazines
    • Real Simple, January 2017 - This was a decent issue to kick off the new year. In terms of things that tend to be related to resolutions, I enjoyed the article on how to say no. I tend to be a say yes person, so I might use some of the advice. I also like the piece on how to get over impostor syndrome. More often than not, I feel confident in my job and in my skills but there are days where I'm like, "Why did people give me this power?!?!" Finally, the article on how to better care for your clothing was good - I never go to a tailor or cobbler and I definitely should.
    • Real Simple, February 2017 - This issue was more "meh" to me. There was a nice article on how to better care for your hands. Mine are usually dry and callused (hello daily library work), so I might try some of these TLC techniques. There was also an article about how weight-loss can be mental. None of the tips were groundbreaking, but they did offer nice reminders.
    • Washingtonian, December 2016 - The cover on this issue made it hurt to open. I miss you Obama family! But putting that
      aside, I enjoyed most of the articles in this issue. I liked the restrospective look at DC under the Obamas, but I found the articles on SolidCore and attitude during chemo more interesting. The rest of the issue was the typical filler I read but generally don't remember EXCEPT for the interview with the new Librarian of Congress, Carla Hayden. More interviews with her please!
  • Books
    • I'm still working my way through Walkable City. It's a book that is easy to read in small chunks... which is good because I keep falling asleep after 10 minutes. Silly being tired from life every day.