What I Read This Week: February 19, 2017

I had a short but busy work week. It both flew by and dragged on. I blame the dragging on my staying up too late and not getting enough sleep. It was nearly impossible for me to get out of bed on Friday. C'est la vie.

In good news, the Husband and I visited one of our favorite vineyards yesterday. We very much enjoy their wines, but we LOVE that they are dog friendly. SO MANY CUTE PUPPIES! It's the absolutely best way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
  • Magazines
    • National Geographic, February 2017 - The cover story is all about saving the ocean through designating them as national parks. The article is good, but the pictures are just stunning. The best piece in this issue was the story on the history of alcohol. I learned so much! I also liked the story (and pictures) of small wildcats. I read this just after Ollie escaped from the National Zoo so it was well timed. Finally, the piece on how our world treats widow is a tough but important read.
  • Books
    • I'm nearing the end of Walkable City. I am ready to move on to my next book, so I might try to read the last chapters of this before my usual bedtime routine. I need to stop falling asleep after 5 minutes.