What I Read This Week: February 12, 2017

This weekend is our annual ski weekend! Except it's not. It's so warm that the weather is not really conducive to snowy activities. So, it's really just a have-a-great-time-in-a-big-house-with-a-hot-tub weekend. Still awesome, just less cold. And the food! Oh my goodness the food. We go all out and I have been eating everything because that is what you do.


  • Magazines
    • HGTV Magazine, March 2017 - I flipped through this issue the day it arrived in my inbox. Aside from the (actually) helpful tips on how to best clean your home, it was meh to
      me. The page spreads on patterns in decorating were rather vivid.
    • Food Network, March 2017 - When The Husband gets frustrated with work, he spends his nights planning foreign vacations. I am more than okay with this hobby. Right now he is a planning a trip to Italy. This issue was all about Italian food... and oh my goodness I need to get to Italy right now. Everything looked amazing. 
    • Cooking Light, October 2016 - Yes.... I am so far behind in my magazine reading that I've just not gotten to the October issue of this magazine. Quiet a few recipes in this issue were soups and stews, which are my ultimate comfort food. I saved a few
      to try later. I also loved the article on how to cook with Vietnamese vegetables. And, the article on pulses (i.e. those other grains/beans), was rather enlightening. I had no idea lentils were so healthy. Go me for cooking with them on occasion. 
  • Book
    • I am almost done reading Walkable City. I hope that I can finish it this week. It's not that I dislike it, I just want to move on to the next book on my nightstand.