What I Read This Week: January 8, 2017

I am so tired. We're closing and relocating the collection of one our campus libraries and the deadline got squished this week. I spent most of the week moving books, packing (and unpacking books), pushing carts, and prepping like crazy to get a lot more work done in a short time frame. As hectic as this is, I see two upsides - 1) I'm going to lose 10 pounds and 2) the days wooooooosh by very quickly.
  • Magazines
    • National Geographic, January 2017 - This is a very important issue. It's perhaps the best primer on gender you could possibly read. I love that NatGeo covers every possible spectrum of gender and does so with immense respect. This is comprehensive and a necessary read (particularly at this time). I also think the two pieces on how are it is to be a girl/woman are reminders that we are still far from equality.
  • Books
    • I finished up Cupcakes, Pinterest, and Lady Porn. It was a pretty good selection of academic essays, and I like the new insights it gave me on popular culture.
    • I debated for a night over what to read next but I ultimately settled on starting the book Walkable City by Jeff Speck. As somone whose prefered method of transporation is walking, I have a feeling that I am going to love this book.
  • Other